This Woman Saw The Police Approach The Kids. What She Recorded Will Melt Your Heart!


April 26, 2015 Videos

The kids were playing along the street walls when two Muskegon police in charge approached them. There was this mum who was near the kids, she captured this heartwarming moment using her phone. This clip has gained a lot of views since it was uploaded.

The cops were playing football with the kids. Jessica Lindsay was shocked to see how friendly the police in this region are. The mom reported to the 24 Hour News 8 how the act moved her.

The clip showed how welcoming the officers were. They showed the kids on how the police cruiser works.


It is great to see police getting involved in the community affairs that are beyond their call of duty. We have previous covered other instances where the police have surprised us. I hope you remember the officer who saved a woman along the highway and the officers who rewarded citizens for obeying rules. All these show that cops are also human beings.

After Jessica posted the clip on Facebook, it had over one thousand likes in less than thirty minutes. After a week, it had over 11,000 shares and over 714,000 viewers.

The clip below shows how the public view the cops. They see the police as harsh people due to the way they treat those who do wrong.

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