Virus Carried By Ticks can Cause Brain Damage…You Need To Know This!


April 16, 2015 Videos

In the northern region of the United States, a fast moving and possibly lethal virus has been discovered.

Doctors call it the Powassan virus. This virus is mostly carried and transferred to humans and animals by ticks. Once contracted it, attacks the nervous system causing symptoms identical to Lyme disease, however it is more destructive and is incurable.

The Powassan virus is very fast acting takes only hours after infection for symptoms to start showing. Moreover, it makes an infected person easily prone to neurological damage due to inflammation in the brain. This susceptibility to inflammation, may also lead to diseases such as meningitis.

Compared to Lyme disease where 20,000 people are affected annually, only 50 people contractPowassan virus yearly in the United States with 10% of the cases ending sadly in death.


Although the risk of contracting the virus is low, people are advised by doctors to do everything necessary to protect themselves from the infection. This is largely due to how fatal the virus is. High risk people who may contract the virus are those who work outdoors or go camping a lot.

To guard yourself from possible infection you may use these recommended tips.

Carry and apply pest repellent when out doors
Ensure that you have taken a shower after outdoor activities
Avoid areas with dense vegetation

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