He Uses His Personal Car To Do Something That Will Shock You. What His Reaction When This Happens…


August 23, 2015 Videos

Thomas Weller, has been patrolling all the highways of San Diego using his personal rescue car for 50 years now. He helps whoever in need at the highway, from stuck drivers, victims of accidents, to fuel-less drivers. All those he gives a helping hand, he never asks them for money. Instead, he hands them a small card that says it has been a pleasure being helped by him, and to please do the same to the next person you see that he is in need.
“Beulah,” the recue car that Weller has been using all the way since 1966, was crashed into by somebody. His only wish now was to see “Beulah” repaired again, but he lacked the money to do so. The rescue car remained in the garage for five years. Rick, a Good Samaritan decided to intervene.
He had heard about Weller’s issue and was deeply moved with his rescue deeds on the highways. He made his mind to repair Beulah. Although there were many things to be mended on this vehicle, for Rick, it seemed easy.


Weller remained speechless as he spotted his Beulah enter his driveway. He was so moved and wanted to rush to the highway that very second. He said that that was one of the greatest compensation that he had ever received in his whole life, and by helping ourselves, we are helping others too.

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