These Two Grannies Have Lived Their Entire Lives Together. Then This Happens… Hilarious!


July 18, 2015 Videos

Someone should just start a reality show and let the Ancient Ones star in it.

Now, Shelly and Dean are two sisters, and at 101 and 96 respectively, you can call them Great Grandmas. These two have attended events together, went to the movies together, and even went to luncheons together. They have always stuck with each other.


But that doesn’t mean the Ancient Ones can’t have an exchange, and this video features one of those moments when they decided to bare their claws against each and argue about something. But it’sthe way they doit that’ll put on the floor.

Here they’re in a car, and then Shelly and Deane decide that it’s time for a chat, albeit an uncensored one. The result is the kind of conversation that’ll crack your ribs and send you writhing your way to the door.

At the 5:00 mark, things heat up some more. You just have to click play and see this. Check out the hilarious the clip and drop your comments. These two ladies deserve to go viral, so you’ll strongly consider SHARING the clip with everyone you know!

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