Deaf Man Told To “Look Over There.” When He Does, You’ll Bawl Like A Baby!


December 11, 2016 Videos

During this video you will see a group of people putting up hidden cameras all over the place. Then this same group of people all sit down together and start to learn sign language. This all will seem confusing but at the end of the video you will understand why this is happening.
A deaf man walks into the area where the hidden cameras are located. This normal looking street is lined with shops. The deaf man walks by another man who speaks to him with sign language. Then he walks into a bagel shop and the person behind the counter signs as well. The deaf man is shocked that so many people are using sign language. Then he walks down the street and notices a video sign. The woman on the video sign starts to speak to the man using sign language and he is shocked. This turns out to be an ad for a new service offered by Samsung that helps the hearing impaired.


This is a very emotional video that is wonderful at the same time.

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