She Was Tired And Wanted To Take A nap. You Can’t Believe What Her Horse Did!

She Was Tired And Wanted To Take A nap

April 26, 2015 Videos

Alizée Froment who is a horse trainer has been with her horse for quite some time and the two have developed a very strong bond. Some people think she’s treating the horse like her baby.

This video is about a beautiful moment, which the two shared that was captured on camera. The two decided to go napping after a long day of training. It was Froment who lay in the grass before her horse, Lusitano joined her. So it’s true, there are times when a horse needs a nap!

All the horse wanted was a soft place to lie on and that if fulfilled when it lies on the soft ground. As the two are napping, it can be Mistral starts to dream. One of those dreams that makes you assume he was out in the open meadows running.

It’s always incredible whenever we come across instances where animals and humans are relating. It reminds me of the huge lion that kissed a woman and the dolphin that had a remarkable encounter with a diver.


The French international Grand Prix rider went on and revealed on her Facebook page how that particular moment touched her.

Within a span of 24 hours, horses spend approximately 2½ hours sleeping. The entire duration may be covered with short intervals of napping.

Please watch this video and see how the two friends enjoy their nap. Ever witnessed a similar happening?

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