He Thought Of Remodeling His Shattered Home, But When He Sees It After Deployment…So Shocking!


December 28, 2015 Videos

Everyone likes to have his or her own home, so that when he retires from where he works, he can have a place where he calls his/hers. While Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo was still working as a Marine, he had a plan of buying a house so that he could live in it with his family when he finally retires. Together with his wife, they looked for a cheap house and bought it. Their plan was to remodel it little by little until it gets finished as desired. Since he was deployed oversees, he had to leave the house with a friend to look after it.


It was while away that his friend called Jeremy decided to remodel the house without him knowing. When he retired and showed up home in a limousine ready to reconstruct the house, he never believed what he was seeing before him.

Watch the clip below to see how he and his family reacted when he found out that their house was looking new. Please SHARE this touching story to all your friends on Facebook if you think is friend did a wonderful thing!

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