This Tap Dancer Is 85 Years Of Age, But His Style Will Surely Make You Cry!


April 10, 2016 Videos

We all seek to be fit since we believe this will make us healthy and strong. One easy way to have fun and fit as well is dancing. This is why we try to learn dance moves every once in a while. Dance and music enthusiasts include the young and also the not so young. We are told you are as young as you feel.

Arne Mayala is an 85-year-old Navy veteran. You will have to admire the determination of this old man. He knows exactly what he wants and goes ahead to work for it.

Once in the dance studio the octogenarian took a spot near his accountant. You will like his observation skills and how easily he is able to watch and learn. He laces his shoes ready for the task. Once he starts it not difficult to see he meant business. He decides to follow the footsteps of Fred Astaire, his accountant, one foot followed by the other.


Once he started the dance he immediately had an impact on the whole studio.

How would this affect you if you were in this studio?

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