Look Who’s On Stage Singing My Favorite Country Song, I Can’t Get Enough Of It!

Which type of music drives you crazy and why? This is a question that I was once asked when I attended some general music concert. After that very tough question (as the one who asked considered it to be)was tossed on me, I had to answer him with all my sincerity that country music was my favorite option and the reason why I liked them is demonstrated in the clip below.


In the video below, we have the golden opportunity of seeing a famous country music singer singing one of his best songs live at The Voice. I was more than glad to once again see Dolly Parton onstage with a guitar giving a wonderful performance of ‘Coat Of Many Colors.’ You can imagine how my heart felt when I saw my favorite singer for it had been quite some time when I last saw her. The amazing thing that I noticed in the performance was that she still maintained her wonderful voice.

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