Her Son Was About To Die, Then She Started Rocking Him… It Was The Biggest Miracle Ever!


May 14, 2016 Videos

Brain and Karen were expecting to have their third child. However, their happiness was short-lived. Their son was diagnosed with two serious health conditions. He was diagnosed with Hydrops, which causes the swelling of the body with fluids and a second condition known as Down syndrome.

The doctors had predicted a stillborn child for the couple. The couple did take the news to heart; instead Karen started to softly sing the song “This Little Light Of Mine,” to her unborn baby Renner.

The doctors decided the best way to go was to deliver the baby by C-section at about 35 weeks. The operation went well and the baby was born and started breathing by himself. The Wolman’s were asked if they had any last wishes for the baby. The doctor didn’t expect it to live much longer, after they put him on oxygen.


So Karen made a special request that she be allowed to bring in her rocking chair and rock her baby. She thought maybe this could be her only chance to share her mothering moment with her son.

That’s when the second miracle happened, watch and see for yourself.

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