Soldier Spots An Unknown Lady Approaching Him. Now See What Happens Next. I Love That!

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August 17, 2015 Videos

Our troops are the great protectors of our democratic nation and society, and they deserve respect and recognition. During the 1980s, after the Vietnam War came to an end, doctors discovered the effects of PSTD on some of the returning veterans, and that’s when this issue first came into the limelight.

But there’s a way we can all help solve that. You see, a soldier is just like any other human, except that they’re trained to protect the rest of us. The video you’re going to watch here proves it all. Here’s a lady who has a passion for making the veterans feel good, so she does the one thing that everyone on the planet needs.


The Human Hug Project is all about hugs as a sign of appreciation to the military veterans, and these two marines in this great video have dedicated themselves to doing just that. This will touch you.

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