Sixteen Ice Skaters Surprise The Crowd When They Do This… What A Routine!


November 1, 2015 Videos

I must admit that ice skating is a sport that was meant for the chosen few. The following performance in the clip below will surely leave everybody speechless. I remember the Nexxice team of Canada winning a gold medal in the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championship, when they performed this routine.

The skaters dance to the Road Hammer’s hit known as “Mud.” Even though most of us adore fancy dancing routines, I must confess that the authentic Nexxice dancing routine is totally amazing.

The costumes that the team used to wear before was changed and currently they are wearing black shirts with leggings. They also changed their conservative folksongs to some sort of rock and roll style.


Lee Chandler, one of the skaters, said that it was such a fantastic experience with the spectators, as they really motivate them at the end. He continued saying that they has started rehearsing for the show from September, and the girls joined them that very day but performed exceptionally.

History indicates that it was the very first time for a Canadian team to take the gold medal since 2009.

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