She Can’t Attend Her Granddaughter’s Graduation. When The Door Opens? This Is Really Touching!


July 22, 2015 Videos

This was Taylor Thompson’s day and all family and friends were headed there except one- her grandmother. The 70 years old granny was not able to attend the high school graduation of her granddaughter because she was on her way to recovery from a brain surgery she had gone through. Additionally, she had been diagnosed with leukemia prior to the surgery and had been subjected to bone marrow transplant. That meant attending the graduation of Taylor which was to take place in Wyoming was not possible.


Taylor understood it was not possible for her granny to the graduation and knew she had to come up with something to ensure she was with Sharon (her granny) during the occasion. On the material day, Sharon was watching the live proceedings and then out of nowhere the door swung open when Taylor’s name was about to be called. And Voila… Taylor was in front of her! What happened next was about to make me cry!

Don’t you think this is one of those sweet things that are worth knowing? Have you ever witnessed something that touches as this one? Please let us know some of those you have encountered.

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