These Seniors Want To Bang Out Of High-School, And In An Incredible Way. Watch This!

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June 5, 2015 Videos

Picture this: You spend four intense years of study in high school and then your graduation day comes. The feeling is both nostalgic and celebratory, and you get the urge to end your high school days in a way that will keep the memories alive.

That’s exactly what these Kahuku High and Intermediate School guys in Hawaii felt, and they took some action.

At LittleThings, we love great videos of cool dancing routines and all manner of lovely pomp we happen to come across. However, we haven’t seen something like this before!


These seniors decided to amuse their parents in a great way, taking on various popular songs from “ABC” by Jackson 5 to “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. When you mix that with “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, you get the picture!

While you’re staring at the epic performance in utter disbelief, the video will reach the 8:43 mark when they perform the Kaipahua Kura, and then you’ll want to rewind that moment forever.

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