Have You Seen Dads Babysitting? When You See How This One Does It? Wonderful!


July 17, 2015 Videos

In this clip we see Chris Fabregas and Matt McCarty. The two of them are great friends and their friendship started all the way from the eighth grade. At the moment, both of them are fathers and what makes me happy the two dads is the fact that they always try to create time for their kids. The two of them understand how important it is to spend time with their young kids. As a result, they have set aside one time for their kids.

The clip shows us the two dads babysitting while their wives are away. Fabregas has a five month-old son called Hudson while Matt McCarty has a daughter who is nine-months old called Victoria. This is one of the best videos I have ever come across. While the two are babysitting, they decide to send their wives a hilarious message“When mommies are away, daddies will play.”


On the very day, the mothers passed by to see how the dads were babysitting. The two dads had a classic response. They had set up a video camera that was recording how they were dancing with their kids and sent it to their wives.
They sent this lovely video their wives.

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