They Seem Like Normal Gymnasts Till They Perform This Routine… Am So Impressed!

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August 28, 2015 Videos

Although I am not a sports fan, the video below impressed me!

This video that highlights Spain’s single routine, was shot in London, during the 2012 OG Qualifications. When you first look at the video, the ladieslook like any usual gymnastics, but when they get to action by throwing their gymnastics balls periodically, they portray their well synchronized movements. Their routine is so unique from the other gymnasts since they possess flexibility and great levels of coordination. I personally was left breathless at the 35th second when the last gymnast in the line, starting from the left threw the ball upwards then let it rebound on her back before catching the ball of the mate!


Generally, moves like these is where many mistakes happen like a gymnast performing a misstep, or the ball falling down. Surprisingly, these wonderful women never did not even a single mistake. This perfection comes about from the hard practice that they have undergone.

Watch this video fully as these women do their spectacular routine, and comment to us if it impressed you. Please SHARE this clip to all your friends on Facebook!

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