They Look Young And Cute, But Their Performance Is So Mature. Incredible!


April 4, 2015 Videos

Seeing talented kids take the stage is something all of us love. Kids are always more entertaining to watch compared to the seasoned professionals. As much as they are tiny, they are also cute! In most cases, we have seen kids who have blown our minds just like these two youngsters who are dancing salsa. I never expected children would perform perfectly as these two!

This video is from the Ukraine’s Got Talent, and the two dancers completely surprised the audience with their perfect dance moves. The young boy Yuta is seven years old while his partner Karina is six years old. I am sure these two must have started dancing together at a young age since they are capable of doing what most kids cannot do.


When their performance started, the judges were completely fooled by their “babyish” outfits. I am not certain if the tune features some traditional music from Ukraine or a nursery rhyme, but after the kids take their bows, you will hear one of the judges saying that he was impressed. The judge goes further to say that he has never seen kids do something wonderful like this before. Check it out!

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