One Man Commands 11 Horses At The Stockholm Horse Show. Never Seen This Before!


December 7, 2015 Videos

For a long time, we have never brought something for the horse lovers, of which we decided to bring the clip below. In the video, we see the 11 wonderful Lorenzo horses together with one man offering a stunning performance to the audience. This performance happened at the Stockholm Horse Show in 2011.


Okay, in the horse world, Lorenzo is termed to be a genius artist, who offers an extraordinary performance. Apart from that, he is widely known all over the world because of his stand-up dressage which originated from Hungary. In the clip, you can see how four pairs of horses manage to build up a formation whereby one pair is behind the other, before Lorenzo guides them to do a leap over some hurdles while sprinting!

Research shows that horses prefer a human guide that is firm, kind and understanding, of which Lorenzo clearly portrays all these characteristics. It is from a special training that he has given his horses, which they follow him on the stadium without them being hauled with ropes. The most amazing thing that I was surprised to see is how he command the horses without using a whip, but by simply using hand signals.

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