Nurse Takes The Burden Of Caring For A Newborn Baby, Years Later? What A Surprise!


October 3, 2015 Videos

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), is full of neonatal nurses. Their work is to take care of babies who are newly born and are in danger, like those who have heart problems, breathing complications, infections and those who possess defects on their bodies.

Below, we are shown a video whereby a couple makes a return visit to Royal Alexandra Hospital, to give thanks to the NICU nurse who was of help to them 5 years ago when their first born child named Connor was born prematurely after the 27 weeks of pregnancy.


At that time, Sarah was struggling to stay alive, making Connor to be born prematurely. Luckily, Sarah and Connor lived. This was possible thanks to one NICU nurse named Gwenn. After being born, Connor spent 65 days admitted at the hospital. All these time, Gwenn was the one taking fulltime care of Connor, in all aspects. She even did sew some clothes for Connor when he was weighing 2 pounds only!

The clip below shows Connor as a healthy and cheerful boy. The clip was shot four years after his birth. Gwenn is also featuring. She thinks that she’s being called to a conference, but doesn’t know what is in for her at the projector screen. Not only that, she is totally unaware of the surprise that’s waiting for her.

Watch the video below and witness the touching reunion. Please SHARE this clip to your friends if you think nurses are vital people in our lives!

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