The Newborn Was Put On The Bed By Dad, What Followed After That? So Cute!


April 29, 2015 Videos

Whenever a newborn is brought into the family, every action is magical in its own way. From the first time the young one takes food, spends the night at home to when he or she is bathed for the first time.This video features a doting dad who is ready to be part of her little girl’s early experiences.

Ryan uploaded this video on the internet a week after his wife had given birth to their first born child. He is carrying all the roles any carrying father does whenever a child is born. Mom was proud of him and decided to record the happenings. This father knows the child is the greatest gift he can ever have and that is seen from his actions.


Though many may think that Ryan is a stay-at-home parent, that’s not true. He is ona paternity leave and wants to enjoy the moment to the fullest. This happened three years ago and I wish to meet this baby and see how she appears like.

Job well done Dad! We need to have more like this!

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