The Music Suddenly Stopped And Before She Knew It, He Was On The Table Doing The One Thing She Loved. Wow!


October 13, 2015 Videos

When you’ve had a nice relationship with someone for a long time, you tend to know a lot about them, including the things they love most. Now, the good thing about this one guy, Stephen, is that he knew how much his girlfriend loved a good dance.

Stephen and Allison are a good pair of dancers who happened to fall for each other. They even shot a commercial together.


One day, Stephen decided to upgrade their relationship in the way of throwing a nice marriage proposal Allison’s way, but he needed to make it unforgettable, so he arranged a surprise for her. In this great video, you get to see what transpired during that joyous moment. Allison had no idea what was happening until the music stopped and she turned, only to see her handsome boyfriend on a table. The family was there too!

You’ve to see this. Watch and see what happened. You’ll definitely want to SHARE this, so do it and also drop us a comment and let’s know how much this got into you. It’s incredible!

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