What Mom Did To Her Son In The Bath Made Me Shed Tears. So Touching!


April 19, 2015 Videos

Jonathan Pitre, who lives in Russell, Ontario is one of those enthusiastic fans. Ottawa Senators, a team from his own hometown is his favorite and he always dreamt playing for it. But, the 14-year-old has not been lucky enough to do it.

Some call Jonathan as “Butterfly Child,” since he is a victim of EB (EpidermolysisBullosa.) It’s a rare genetic condition which affects the skin. He was born with the condition and that means he has grown up used to pain. The most terrible time of his comes when his mother has to help him bath so as to prevent infection. You will experience that once you watch this video.


Irrespective of all those shortcomings, it’s easy to notice his courage, character and strength is one to admire. At the moment he is DEBRA Canada’s ambassador. It’s a charity and non-profit organization which is dedicated to offering victims of EB and their families with support. The organization also creates the disease’s awareness within Canada.

It’s so touching when you come across a boy with such a personality, courage and attitude suffering from the disturbing genetic condition. If you felt inspired after watching this video, kindly SHARE it with your friends!

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