Mom Posts Her Daughter’s Last Photo. The Message Is Deeply Touching


April 9, 2017 Videos

Any mom would want to take at least a few photos of their kid in the course of their growth, but for Sarah Walton, it was her passion. She loved snapping photos of her little daughter, Ellie. At just 4 years of age, Ellie was in trouble.
She was fighting cancer and it was getting aggressive. But fate doesn’t always work out how we wish it. Ellie passed away at a young age, and it really broke her mom’s heart.

But Sarah is a strong woman. She knew she couldn’t carry her daughter’s ashes away without doing the one thing she loved, so she placed the box with little Ellie’s ashes on the car seat and took a photo. She shared it online and attached a very touching message. It’ll dig into you!


Watch the video below and feel the emotion.

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