Meet A Gorilla With A Golden Heart… Amazing!


May 16, 2015 Videos

Everybody loves Koko!

“Penny” Patterson, Koko’s trainer, claims that this famous gorilla can make out a thousand signs as well as 2,000 words of the English language!

But things took another turn when Koko wanted something more than just the presence of Ndume, her male companion. Koko wanted to raise some kids and have a family, and she communicated just that to the trainers by sign language!

That’s when the Gorilla Foundation thought of something they hadn’t tried before. They gave her a stuffed monkey in place of a baby so they could observe how she could manage to take care of a young one. They observed as she tried teaching her “baby” some sign language communication skills, something that could be taught down the animal generations and open up the communication channels with humans!


That’s not all!

On her July birthday in 1984, she chose a young cat that she then went on to keep as a pet.  Yes, Koko even has her own pet, and she named him “All Ball!” She actually treated the kitty as one of her own. So lovely!

In this video, you see Koko interacting with her doll, and she seems to have some very strong maternal instincts!

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