Life Saving Tips To Observe When Approaching Your Car At The Parking Lot.


March 3, 2016 Videos

Life is one thing that we cannot predict what will be happening to you in the next second. Most of the time, we tend to be occupied with other things in that we do not pay attention to what is going around us. This is a very bad behavior that can lane us in a fix. It is for this cause that we should always be careful to what surrounds us to guarantee ourselves another day of life.


In the clip below, we will be learning on the safety measures one needs to be having in mind when at the parking lot because this is a potential place for hijackers and robbers. So when you are leaving a building to your car, look around to see that everything is okay. If there happens to be someone at the parking lot, consider him to be a potential this case, walk quickly toward your car, enter and leave immediately. If he is looking at you, also look at him straight in the eyes as if telling him I have seen you and can recognize you if something happens. Also, make sure you have your car keys in your hand. Lastly, always keep you strong hand free of things in case you need to defend yourself.

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