A Kid Is Stopped By A Police Officer, What Follows Next Is Simply Heartwarming!


September 23, 2015 Videos

Normally, when a police officer pulls you over, there is a great probability that you were speeding, passed some red light or committed any other behavior that is considered to be reckless.

That’s not always the case when you’re stopped in Boston by Paul Lagoa who is a Police Officer.  Whenever Paul sees good deeds done by children, he hands them tickets in an initiative known as “The Positive Ticket.” His actions remind me of one Georgian police officer who could issue out treats in place of the tickets.


By watching the clip below, we will see as Officer Lagoa gives a 6-year old boy that’s accompanied by his mom a coupon which will enable him get some ice cream from the local store.  He was happy to see the little boy hold his mom’s hand while walking to the car and that won him a gift.

The little is boy pleased with the gift and his reaction is really priceless. Please watch the clip and SHARE with friends and let us know what you think about the officer’s mission!

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