Kid And Dog Need Each Other, But You Will Be Shocked When You Learn Their True Story!


August 4, 2015 Videos

While still a puppy, Haatchi was hit by an approaching train in North London, when he was tied at a railway line. His hind leg was fractured and her tail badly injured. But because of being a resister, he crawled far from the train station and went under-cover for days till he was rescued.


Sad news is that due to infection, his leg and tail had to be amputated. Good news is that he met someone who became his best friend. The nine year old Owen is suffering from Schwartz-Jampel, a rare genetic condition which makes body muscles to tense continuously, making him to depend on a wheelchair and lessening his eyesight. Also known as Little B, Owen had a high anxiety condition which made him to be restricted socially prohibiting him from having friends.  He really saw it rough at his childhood period.

When his dad started to date Colleen, a dog trainer, Owen’s condition started to have a change. Haatchi was noticed by Colleen while she was online, where she realized potentiality in this dog with three legs. It never took long to demonstrate this as he was introduced to Owen who together, their lives took a turning point. On the first meeting, Haatchi put his head on Owen’s lap. The whole weekend passed with them holding each other while laying down. People never questioned his conditions but turned their interest on the friendship of the two. Currently on the social media, their story is one of the best friendship tale. SHARE this story to all your Facebook friends!

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