They Invited Some Guys To The Shelter, And What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart!


December 3, 2015 Videos

The homeless people are often forgotten and treated unfairly, and that’s most evident whenyou see peoplewalking past a poor person. These people are often labeled as criminals and drug addicts. It’s even more heartbreaking to think that most of these people in the US are jobless single mothers and military veterans. However, one group of kind peopleis now doing things different. It’sPrank it FWD.

One day, they did something that most people wouldn’t. They invited some homeless people to Ascentia Homeless Shelter in Glendale in CA. The people were in for a lovely spa day, and you’ll love it too. They got makeovers, great meals, and even some new clothes. On this day, they felt like real humans, and I love that.


This video is garnering so much attention from people all over the world, and Prank it FWD has pledged to donate $1 to for every 1,000 vies of the video. The cash goes towards helping these poor people.

Watch the video and love it, and then SHARE it son Facebook so we can at least get $10,000 for 1 million views. Let’s do this!

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