He Achieves His Dream As A Singer. His Performance? Amazing!


April 1, 2015 Videos

There are always talented people around the world who are never noticed since they have never got a chance to perform to showcase their skills. We are always surprised when they perform, and that’s when you will hear people saying “wow! He has talent!”

In this video, we meet Jimmy Rose. He has been through the ups and downs of life. We get know his journey in life: all the way from college, a coal miner, and lastly as soldier. He did not make it in college, and he decided to join the coal miners. As a coal miner, he realized that the job was tough and dangerous. As a result, he decided to risk his life and serve his country as a soldier.


It was during his service as a soldier when he developed an interest to play guitar. As a young kid, he had a dream to become a singer one time in his life. He wanted to achieve his dream and he worked hard to perfect his singing skills.

In this clip, you will see how Jimmy achieved his dream. At last he had a chance to perform at the America’s Got Talent. The moment he started singing the crowd roared! What a wonderful moment it was when his dream finally came true!

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