The Teacher Makes This Boy To Overcome His Stuttering Problem. TheResult? Wonderful!


July 26, 2015 Videos

If you are one of the guys who have watched the movie “the king’s speech,” then I guess you remember the king who always had a problem when it came to giving out a speech. He had this problem since he was young. The good thing about this movie is the fact that the king finallymanaged to talk without stuttering.

In this clip, we get to see a boy by the name MusharafAsghar. This boy is not a king, but he has the same problem that the king had sufferedalmost his entire life. This young man stutters terribly.


In this touching video, the teacher uses the same approach like the one used in “the king’s speech” movie. The teacher uses music to deal with anxiety to assist Mushy to speak. At first this young man could not even utter a few words and he thought it was impossible. When the situation gets the best of him, he finally manages to speak.

The best part is when Asghar gains confidence and he speaks infront of the classroom. The kids were surprised to see this, especially the ones who had always bullied him before. The situation made some to cheer while others to shed tears of joy. What a wonderful video!

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