It Was Hard To Hold Back My Tears While Watching This Clip. It’s So Touching!


October 26, 2015 Videos

According to me, I think that children are little angels who are God sent to make us happy irrespective of what we’re going through. I believe you might have encountered a situation whereby a kid has encouraged those around him/her to take heart and be hopeful of what the future holds.

In the clip below, were are encountering one of those special moments whereby one kid named McKenna is acting as a source of inspiration for her mom Diana. Diana is suffering from cancer and she has taken the stage on Ellen’s show without knowing what’s waiting for her. Ellen had invited Martina McBride to form a duo as they sing to Dianna.


By watching the clip below, you’ll understand why it has gone viral as it has received over 27 million views. It’s really a beautiful song and we have to appreciate Ellen for what she has done for this family.

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