You Will Struggle To Find A Hallelujah Version To Compare With This – What A Talent!


February 6, 2016 Videos

When Jeff Gutt took the stage on the X Factor, he did so with one reason – he wanted to make his son proud since he had never seen him sing. The song he had decided to sing was Hallelujah and he did it wonderfully. Those who have been in the music industry can agree with me that it is not easy to sing a popular song and nail it the way Jeff did.


The moment he opens his mouth to sing, you will immediately discover the wonderful talent he possesses. I have to say that you will struggle to find a version of Hallelujah to compare with his performance. At the end of his performance all the judges were in agreement that he had the talent to proceed to the next stage. You have to watch up to the end and see how his son runs towards him with full of excitement – he must be proud of him after all.

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