These Guinea Pigs Need To Go And Eat, You Will Fall In Love With What They End Up Doing!


April 7, 2015 Videos

Zookeepers within the Nagasaki Bio Park found it tiresome moving their many guinea pigs from a given enclosure to the other. As a result, they hatched this wonderful solution. They made a bridge which the rodents were to use without any kind of human help. That meant they were in a position to move freely from where they sleep to where they eat.

Not only did the solution save the handlers a great deal of time, it also provided some sort of entertainment for their visitors. This is a scene I can’t tire watching, it’s simply the best form of commuting I have ever seen.


Seeing what these ordinary people were able to come up with to help these animals is one of those scenes that easily restores faith in humanity. When Parry Gripp watched this video online, he composed a funny jingle that accompanies their movement. As a composer, he said he considered the animals to be funny so he felt he had to come up with something to accompany their crossing to complete the created scene.

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