Grandma Was Approached By A Stranger While On Her Hospital Bet. What He Pulled Out Melted My Heart!


April 23, 2015 Videos

Back in the 1930s and 40s over the Harlem Renaissance, Alice Barker happened to be a chorus line dancer.It was common to find her dancing in clubs like Zanzibar Club and The Apollo alongside legends such as Gene Kelly, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and Frank Sinatra.

Although she took part in several TV shows, commercials and movies, Alice did not watch any of them. Over the years, all of her memorabilia and photographs have got lost.


Not long ago, Jazz On Film’s Mark Cantor was able to secure for Alice three “Soundies” under which she had featured. This is the first time Alice is watching the footage and her reaction is so priceless. Though she’s still beautiful, she was really stunning while in her youth.

It’s incredibly touching, seeing her reaction when she sees herself perform. I couldn’t hold back my tears when she wishes she could get out of the bed and perform again. Unlike many actors, this is the only footage which can remind her if “those” memories!

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