Father Saves His Daughter From A Dangerous Truck Stranger!


August 13, 2015 Videos

All parents never want to see their children get in danger. One father from Los Angeles, had a nightmare when he encountered some unfortunate situation.

Tim, a father to a 12 years daughter went to her room at midnight, only to be shocked to find out that she was not there. He got shocked when he saw the window of her room broken. Immediately he and his eldest son started to search all over the neighborhood. Luckily they found her as she was about to board a truck with a stranger she had met online.

Tim got to the man on the truck. Using his self-defense mechanism, he put the man down on the ground. While down at the ground, he took his photos meanwhile waiting for the cops to arrive. The police took him and opened charges against him of trying to sexually harass a minor.


Investigation revealed that he had filled up untrue profile online claiming to be a boy of 15 years yet his real age was 27. He was sexually enticing Tim’s daughter and sending him lustful pictures of him.

Since then, Tim prohibited her daughter from using such kind of websites. He sends a message to all parents that they could be victims like him if they don’t control their kids. He says that that if he could not have got this man in time, her daughter would not have returned alive.

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