His Family Is Spending A Cold Night In The Park, And Then This Cop Comes And Does This To Them!


May 20, 2015 Videos

Many people cast cops under shady lights, but this could change that!

Here’s the story of Robert Wood, his pregnant wife and two sons as they returned from Alaska, and it’s touching!

By dusk, the family hadn’t found accommodation yet, so they figured they could save a little cash by sleeping in their car. Soon, an officer walked over and tapped on the window.

Robert has one son sleeping on his chest while Heather has the other. Lt. David Natt works with the Eugene Police, and this family is about to learn something about him: he doesn’t like it when people sleep outside!

So the cop did something. He offered them two nights in at local hotel!


Those two nights helped the family find some provisional accommodation with a family friend as they looked for their own permanent residence.

Robert couldn’t burry the good deed, so he shared his story on Facebook, and it went viral in two weeks!

People expressed their fond regards for the cop’s kindness, and Robert even admits that this particular officer of the law moved him!

But there’s another twist. The two guys soon found out that they had both served in the same unit in the Marine Corps, though apart by 10 years. Great!

Now, if the expected newborn in Robert’s family happens to be a male, they want to name him David!

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