His Eyes Met Those Of A Sad Dog In A Shelter, What He Did Still Inspire Me… Watch!


July 29, 2016 Videos

Coming across an animal in dire need is one of the most heartbreaking experiences in this life. If you visit any local shelter, you will see how desperate those animals are by looking at their eyes – all they want is a place to call home. Stuart Edge who is a blogger experienced the same when he visited Janice R. Johnson Center for Animals within Deseret, UT.

The experience made him to volunteer in the shelter so as to play and take the pups for a refreshing walk. The moment Edge interacted with them, he was inspired by their precious faces to go an extra mile.


He inquired from the facility’s employees whether there was something he could do so as to make the dogs feel better was they await their forever homes. He was informed that the cuties needed beds since thy spent the night on their pens’ hard concrete floors.

With the help of his friends, Edge did something which touched and made a difference in the lives of the pups. Please watch the inspiring moment below and SHARE with your friends and family!

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