Everybody In The Crowd Was Surprised When She Opened Her Mouth To Sing. What An Angelic Voice!!


September 7, 2015 Videos

I really love going to performances and concerts when I have some free time or am off duty and there is some happening somewhere. This is because performances do relax me and make me disconnect from the job world.

In the clip below, you will meet Louisa Jonson who is aged 17 years from A6. Upon stepping on stage, one judge asked him if when he started to sing of which the response was when she was 7 years old, and went on to say that singing was her part of life and that it meant a lot to her. But while she was responding to the questions, one female judge noted that she was nervous. She told her to just take some deep breathes before starting to sing a song by Michael Jackson. To her Liana Louis was her inspiration to start to sing.


Most of the people in the crowd thought that she was not going to make it because she was nervous. But when she opened her mouth to sing, what an angelic sound that she has!! Watch the clip below, more especially at the 3:28 mark when all the judges clap and cheer at her.

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