This Young Boy Finds Himself Blind Folded, And Then He Has To Find Mom. See What He Does…


April 21, 2015 Videos

Every woman is special. To prove this, Pandora (a jewelry manufacturer), invites us for a special event to prove the uniqueness of women’s personal bonds, shape and their connection to their children. What happens in this video is about to go viral.

Six young children are blind-folded and led to a group of six women to see if each of them can identify their correct mom.


The kids have to employ their inner connections to their biological moms and high sensitivity to help them navigate among and around the group of elders to pick the only one person they feel connected to.There was a deep mix of anxiety and anticipation in the room as the six made their way to their supposed parents. Needless to say, all of the six kids aged 3 to 9 brought the house down. They all got their correct moms, so much to the joy and shock of the onlookers. I completely broke down when every kid removed the fold to find their mom standing right infront.

In fact, a Huffington Post commenter had to agree that kids are more attentive to little things than adults. We tend to ignore some thingswhenwegrow up. A kid knows the mom’s soap and perfume smell, her rings, shoes and even the sound of her shoes. They don’t even applyany effort.

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