All Eleven Horses Parade Up To His Commands, But The One At The Centre… Amazing!


June 19, 2015 Videos

Thirty years back, well known Budweiser Clydesdales had already made their super bowl debut, to which their advertisement is one of the well covered ones. These horses of the Clydesdales have turned to be camera-friendly, even if they are in a field playing football or very busy occupied in the snow fighting.

In this video, you will have the opportunity to see the amazing advertisements, together with the extraordinary man who is behind all these-Robin Wiltshire.


Turtle Ranch, in Dubois, Wyoming, is the place where Kate and Wiltshire breed their selection of animals. Robin considers horse training to be a way of life, but not an activity involving camera tricks. He is an Australian-born trainer who employs a system based on rewarding, which in turn offers the horses a lot of love for their achievement. He never does this in a hurry, as he rewards the horses, putting on them some conscious thoughts. Clydesdales’ group has been a success; the reason behind this is based on the reorganization of Robin’s help in calming them and the urge to please.

Apart from all this, the videos are edited, added special effects and color corrections to be ready. When you have a look at the commercials on the television, knowing how well they are treated with a very caring man, it becomes so incredible to look at!

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