Dog Leaves Everyone Laughing When It Interrupts Live Broadcast – OMG!


February 24, 2017 Videos

It can be upsetting when you are doing something, and then someone interrupts. Dogs are our best friends, but they tend to act foolishly at times. The show up when you least expect or want them. If not careful they can ruin your entire day. Like this dog in the video recording below.

After an overwhelming whirlwind, this news crew went out to do some filming. While recording the team was not aware there was an unwelcomed visitor in the area of filming. That is when something captured their attention; the innocent dog. The dog was comfortably sitting on a lawn mower unaware of what is going on.


The looks on the face of this dog will make you laugh just like this woman did. She says she never expected to see a dog at that place.

That how dogs are they will always keep you company if when you don’t need them.

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