She Digs Her Late Husband’s Secret Out Of WWII… AMAZING!


May 3, 2015 Videos

Every belief about true love is cemented in this woman’s story.

2015 marks 70 years since the end of the Second World War, and many people who survived it make bitter flash-backs. Take the case of Bill Moore. He’s 90, and he recently found his old love-letter he wrote to his late wife during the war. These memories are sweet and bitter.

Having a loved relative serving in the Armed Forces, I can imagine what this Texas lady, Peggy Harris (from Vernon), went through when her hubby crossed the seas in 1944 to drive the Nazis out of Northern France and never came back. Billie Harris was a 1st. Lt. in the U.S Army.


The communication gaps of the time denied Peggy access to the news that her husband had died in combat, but although she assumed his death, she still waited for him – as she disclosed to CBS. One of Peggy’s relatives then decided to do some research on Billie, and they stumbled on a town known as Les Ventes. They soon found out that Billie was actually a celebrated war hero in Normandy, in the French town where he was buried.

In the video, Peggy finds her closure after 70 years of waiting, as she learns more about her husband’s live legacy.

You love ww2 stories, and you have to see what happens when a man comes across some films about the war. 31 rolls!

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