Everything She Did Was Criticized, Until She Had An Encounter With God. So Inspiring!


July 17, 2016 Videos

Back in 2008, Shawn Johnson took part in the Olympics as a gymnast and won a silver medal. To do so, she had to put in place an incredible performance. Despite being that successful, she was only 16 years of age and she faced a lot of criticism when she arrived home. It made her struggle with depression, something that ended up crushing her self-esteem. That was the case until she had a moment with God which ended up changing everything. Below, Shawn has prepared for us a touching testimony which is so inspiring.


It makes me believe that Heroes and trophies are non-existent, but it is us who make them through our endeavors. With commitment, we can discover our true “selves” and touch the world around us. Please watch the inspiring clip below and learn what you might be doing wrongly in life.

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