Need A Definition Of Real Talent? David Bowie And Freddie Mercury Have The Answer – It’s Special!


January 15, 2016 Videos

As a singer, when you have talent, it is not a must to have instruments so as to pass across the message. And that is exactly what David Bowie and Freddie Mercury bring on the table. These are two renowned rock’s greatest legends and in the video below they are performing an incredible a capella.


Listening to the two perform gave me chills since their amazing vocals are incomparable. Even if you are not a fan of the “oldies,” you can easily appreciate the talent the two possess. While I was young, I loved listening to the two perform and by that time Bowie was 68 years old, but he still made it easy while on stage and one could have thought he was still in his 50s. Mercury also had that unique “thing” that which is rare to come across.

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