Customers Were Shopping At The Supermarket, Then This Happened… It’s So Epic!


November 25, 2015 Videos

There is no suchgood thing like getting surprised by someone who ends up making your day. Even though many people never like surprises, there are exemptions of those that make one’s day, more especially when you are confused on what to do because you have this limited budget or because you are late for work or tired, just name it. We have seen many clips in which people have been surprised but the following video will make your day.


Knowing that Christmas time is approaching, and people are very busy doing the purchases for that big day, the largest supermarket chain in Germany by the name of Edekaknew that they had to do something for their customers. On that day, the 13 cashiers that were on duty waited for the opportune time to give their lucky customers a free entertainment. With the help of hidden cameras, they started offering a Christmas tune of “Jingle Bells” with synchronized lights at the counter. The customers who were very busy doing their purchases had to stop and listen to the “Jingle Bells” tune. When the classic music got over, all the cashiers stood up and bowed as a sign of thanking their customers who at the same time were their audience.

Watch the amazing choreographed orchestra performed by the cashiers in the clip below, and let us know what your thoughts are by commenting in the section below. Please SHARE this Christmas holiday classic tune with all your friends on Facebook!

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