Brother And Sister Meet After 75 Years, What An Emotional Reunion!


August 31, 2015 Videos

It took John Stubbs 75 years so as to see his sister Rose Burleigh. The encounter turned out to be so emotional. Burleigh told BBC that the reunion was so important to him.

Thanks to a genealogist, the two twins came to see each other again since 1938. It all happened when John went to live with his grandparents while Rose was taken by her aunt.

In 1941 their mother passed away and their father who was a soldier, was released from a prison war camp. He went straight to the foster mother so as to get back her daughter, but it was not possible. That is how they parted ways forever.


Although these twins always made several attempts to meet, all their efforts never got through. This made them accumulate the sentiments of seeing each other once again. In the video below, at the 1:40 mark, we see as Rose gets so happy to have met with his brother who has been long lost. It is without doubt that John feels the same way too.

John confesses that making them reunite was not an easy job. But when he saw her, he said inside him that she really was her sister.

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