You Can’t Believe Who Showed Up To Save A Dying Soldier. It’s Heartwarming!


June 3, 2016 Videos

A soldier has been fighting in battle, putting his life in line for his country. But war is never a good thing, and the brave soldier ends up with wounds and heartache. He’s dying, with no hope or someone to turn to for help. But there’s someone!

This is about a TV commercial aired on Guide Dogs TV by the Royal Dutch Guide Dogs Foundation, and this video has quickly gone viral, attracting massive attention from masses all over the world. When you see what’s happening in the video, you’ll be inspired and touched beyond words!


You see, Guide Dogs are trained to care for their masters, and this guy here seems to have bumped into his great, faithful canine. The dog helps the wounded soldier so well that you can’t help but love the canine. After this, you can be quite sure you won’t be looking at guide dogs the same way again. I’m so touched!

Check out the video and get to see this. If you’re touched by this, make sure to drop us a comment and let’s know.

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