Accidental Switch Takes Place Between 4 Twins, But 20 Years Later… This Is Unbelievable!


August 3, 2015 Videos

It is very hard to believe what you are going to see, but it’s a reality!

This following story which is a perfect manuscript for a movie began in South America, at a country known as Colombia. 20 years have passed since two sets of twins of good health were ushered to the world. Unfortunately a change of one of the twins to another occurred accidentally. The two, named Jorge and Carlos were transferred from the hospital to their home in Bogotá. The other two remaining named Wilber and William, were also taken home at some rural village.


However brought up in two different places, the twins felt that they had a fraternal match instead of a brother that they shared same blood! The unexpected happened between them that made many people be shocked. As the years went by, the boys became of age and the mutual connections and the media came to know the reality. Later the boys’ lives changed in unanticipated ways.

When you watch the video below, you will witness the extraordinary moment when Jorge and William get to see each other for the first time. They all remain speechless, but one can notice that there really exists a bond that unites them. Watch the whole video to find what happened in their first reunion in 20 years!

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