The 8-Year-Old Kid Was On The Stage Singing, Now Watch Her Grandmother At 2:14, So Emotional!


December 25, 2015 Videos

Connie Talbot first came into the limelight when she wowed the judges and the audience at Britain’s Got Talent some years back. From then, she has managed to make herself a name in the industry.

She is full of humor and her down-to-earth nature coupled with her stunning talent are responsible for the fame. She is also kind and humble and doesn’t have to rely on any equipment of computers to sound better like some modern “superstars.”

Her voice is so mature for an 8 year-old girl and by listening to her sing from the start to the end in the clip below you will definitely notice that. She handles herself like a seasoned singer while on stage, something which might make you think that she has been around for several decades.


The clip below features her performing during a fundraising to support the Toys for Tots program for a charitable cause. She might be young, but her heart is much willing and so huge.

Connie’s family are proud of her and that is evident when we are shown her grandmother at 2:14 wiping tears. We believe the support she receives from her family together with her discipline will ensure she progresses farther in the industry.

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