45 Year-Old Man Steps On The Stage, When He Opens His Mouth? Watch The Judges… Incredible!


October 5, 2015 Videos

The Voice, a show of NBC, invited Manny Cabo. While there, he really demonstrated that age never limits one to do anything he wants.

This citizen from New Jersey sang a Whitesnake song titled“Here I Go Again.” He left all the judges surprised with their mouths wide open with his potent lyrics, just like the same country singer of the hit.

What a lovely performance, more so when he clicks the highest note at the 2:32 mark. I personally never thought he could attain this peak note!


Adam Levine, a coach by profession, only listened to him for 5 seconds before pushing the red button. He went on to congratulate him at the end of the performance.

Levine told Cabo that the song he sang just reminded him of where it all started for him.  He went on to tell him that he was surprised with the way he could hit the high note, and also his performance knowing that he was 45 years. According to Levine, Manny performed, sounded and looked like a person of 20 years.

Watch the clip below to see how Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams swung their chairs around. Find out who Cabo chose to be his coach at last. Please SHARE this wonderful performance to all music lovers on Facebook!

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